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Malik Haqim

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The Nakagusuku Shadow

The Honorable Malik Haqim

  • Arbiter of the Eternal Night
  • Respected by Servants of the Dark Mother (Crone Status 4)
  • Recognized by the Clan of Shadows (Mekhet Status 2)
  • Valued with the Kern Court (Bakersfield City Status 3)

Shades Cast No Shadows (Arbiter of the Eternal Night)

Malik's name comes to be known among locales around the 1950s, in London England. He is seen as a loyal servant of Lady Cloe Griffith a traveling Circle spiritual healer. He shows up throughout the Middle East as a martial defender of Circle ways and secrets. Than seems to vanish until recent years.

In the beginning of 2005, Lady Cloe Griffith and (Abdul-)Malik arrive in Okinawa Japan and do nothing more than observe the courtly activities from the shadows as they continue their research on Asian healing rituals. Life had been somewhat peaceful for fifty years, but that was all about to change.

In the early spring of 2005 the Belial’s Brood struck the island and laid waste to the masquerade. The court was thrown into disarray as the Daimyo of the island is mercilessly cut down. The coterie was collapsing and foreigner-hating Japanese elders sought to rid the island of all kindred “gaijin“. The court was besieged by Praxis after Praxis and in the end only a few stood, Nicolas Barrozz, Asai Katsuo, Gabriel Sinclair Angustri, Cloe and Malik. Nicolas Barrozzi took up the role of Prince and begin the first foreigner secured Court.

For Malik’s devotion to put his beast to test time and time again for the masquerade and the protection of the court, he was made Sheriff. With the assistance of the known scourge, Gabriel, he destroyed numerous threats to the court both mortal and supernatural. His ability to kill from the shadows and maintain control over his humanity gained him the alias of “Arbiter of the Eternal Night“. This has been the staple of all discussions concerning Malik as his death toll reaches more than hundred while serving on Okinawa.

Fear and trust was earned throughout the court and Malik found himself and Cloe drifting apart. Malik saw the Sanctum’s lack of power in the region and the disorganization of the Circle due to racism and decided to focus his efforts on the Dark Mother. It took no more that six months for Malik to oppress all foreign and domestic issues between the locale Crone of Japan and Okinawa and place himself as Hierophant over them all.

No Longer the Servant (The Path to Imperial Prince)

Malik was once again called upon by the court to defend it from otherworldly enemies, but this time he would find himself not alone in his fight. He now stood next to the most feared creatures in all of Japan, the werewolves. The battles were great, as was the deaths among the werewolves, but vampire causalities were kept minimal as Malik took to front for his kind. In the end the creature was battled in "two worlds" one by Malik and the other by Pure White Requiem (Storm Lord 3 and Rahu 2. Deceased), in the creature’s dying worlds it would scream, "My death stops nothing, the ritual has already begun."

The Sanctum replaceed their leader after the loss of their control over the Circle. Archbishop Rygellion (Mekhet 1, Sanctum 4, and Okinawa City 4) was sent to cull the herd. He quickly reassemble his forces and prepared to strike out against the heretics when he was confronted by a true issue. The Brood Leader Raven and a mysterious gathering of monsters, were now terrorizing the island. Instead of meeting Rygellion with equal resistance Malik decided to assist the Archbishop and throughout their fight with the remaining Brood and monsters of the island, a loose alliance was formed. This union would be tested to its fullest as apparent Prince, Nicolas, sends the captured Raven after someone claiming Praxis. Malik had fought beside Prince Barrozzi all this time and could not believe that he had been betrayed so deeply by the court that he sought to protect.

The lines were drawn and as Barrozzi’s hotel was being laid siege, Malik hunted Brood leader. In the end Raven was staked and left for the sun to never bother humanity again. From that day forth Malik vowed to never stake and turn over and individual again, if they were to be subdued, than justice must be done immediately. In the confusion of the Brood conflict, former Prince Barrozzi, was able to flee the island and has not been seen or heard from again.

Malik was at a loss, and for a month, Praxis waged on without his presence. Alliances were torn as the Invictus struggled to recover from Barrozzi’s betrayal. The Ordo Dracul and Lancea Sanctum fought for control over the city, and the Crone watched in horror from the shadows. Gabriel emerged on top and Malik awoke to a realization, this was his city. He had killed for its security and no one, but him, was going to dictate its future while he resided on the island. Praxis was short as the covenants flocked behind their local legend. Gabriel would disappear from the eyes of the court realizing the power the Circle had amassed, so that not even his own covenant mates would stand beside him against the arbiter.

Malik welcomed the new Invictus Samuel Radcliff to the position of Primogin, and the radical Jordan Williams to be his Harpy. He assured them that he sought no ill will toward the Invictus over one misguided man, nor did he feel threatened by the freethinking nature of the Movement. Archbishop Rygellion took his rightful place as Lancea Sanctum Primogen, and Logan (Gangrel 1, Ordo 3, and Okinawa City 3) they newly transferred Dragon, took Gabriel’s place as Ordo Primogen and Sheriff. Everything seemed to have fallen exactly where Malik intended it to, only the more he did for the court the more they came to rely on his guidance and force to get things done. This was not to Malik liking, for his only goal was for the island to become more stable so that he may continue his mission of identity. He knew that without knowing who he truly was that he could never move forward with his destiny. There is a power to names they say, and it is supposed to be the only thing you cannot take from someone in the end, but what destiny is there for one that doesn’t know their own?

The Hungry Dead (Ghosts)

In the following months Malik made many trips, but one the most influential was his trip to the “Hall of Records” in Turkey to meet Aramedeus of the “Neo-Cappadocia”. It is there that he supposively found the origins of his birth, the fate of his real parents, and his real name. Many clans have attempted to find this ancient temple of knowledge hidden within the rocky passes, but apparently it is only the shadow clan that are ever shown the path.

Rumor has it that during Malik’s trip to Egypt with Cloe he found something deep in the temples of the old kingdoms. It is in these ancient halls he met others of his blood that showed him just another facility of what he considered his destiny. The story says that Malik was locked into a vault for many nights and forced to endure the torturous screams of the dead. It was here, they say, he learned to see the dead clear as day. When asked about this he smiles and tells people that, “Not all blessings are what they seem.”

Cloe and Malik had spit for much of their travels, Cloe seeking the guidance of her ancient sire, and Malik just wishing to find himself. This separation seemed to be final when Malik and her returned to Okinawa. He returned from Egypt a cold individual and almost seemed on the brink of dementia. He shied away from his duties as Prince and let the coterie run itself with the guidance of the Primogen. It was said that in these nights, Nakagusuku Castle, his domain, was a place of nightmares. No one dared approach Malik, and for sometime the fear of him slipping to true madness echoed the courts chambers. What would they do if Malik snaps? What could they do to stop the one that had killed so many for the defense of the court?

This situation was grim as any form of communication seemed to be edgy during his night to night excursions of “soothing the minds of the dead.” Demear and Asai Katsuo would be the only members of the Crone to get anywhere near Malik in the evenings to pass. When the court truly needed their arbiter he would swoop in with swift justice and leave with the wind, the nights were cold but at least for now the “Nakagusuku Shadow” seemed to be on the right side of sanity.

Some say the journey to Tulsa to fight the Brood was the event that brought Malik full circle. While there he was given the honor to serve, not only with his fellow acolytes, but those of other covenants that sought the destruction of the Brood. While there Malik assembled a squad of infiltrators and reconnaissance specialists to map and gather information on the enemies’ numbers and bases. This was the first time Malik called upon the ghosts of the past to assist him, like he had assisted them. Malik found that through helping the ghosts of the area in kind that they were very receptive to his requests. The battle against the Brood was a success and the land was cleansed, and due to the hard work of Malik and his team, many kindred lives were spared.

The Ancient Unliving (Spirits)

Not much is known about how Malik come upon his spiritual powers and why he now speaks so proudly of confronting the aspect of the Dark Mother known as Izanami. What is known is that his powers over the spirits seemed unmatched in the Nippon Empire, and though no member of the court outside of the Circle could tell you the details of this gift, none can deny its effectiveness.

In recent nights Malik has referred to his new allies as “the kami”, and has said that they, unlike the ghosts of the departed, never have been alive, but always existed throughout all time. He claims that these creatures are indeed older than any kindred and perhaps older than time itself and contain the infinite secrets of the cosmos. Malik time and again has seemed to gather, in private, very accurate details about situations the court was facing, from these beings.

Some members of the court have even begun whispering in fear that these denizens of unlife do Malik’s bidding with mere drops of blood, others, that in his insanity has become prophetic, or maybe just really lucky. Though most say, “Woe be to they who incites the wrath of both the hungry dead and ancient unliving”

Grasping Ones Own Destiny (Walking The Path Material)

Most believe Malik is where he is due to fear, a real bogeyman of modern nights. He appears to have no remorse when cutting down the more disgraceful forms of life that subject and torture humanity. Though, to many he is a beacon of humanity, and that he is an example of how, to some, every life you take means something and should be mourned equally. Malik is respected for his dedication to the masquerade and to the Circle and is ready to put his life on line at any moment for either. Malik has been a strong spiritual leader for those that listen and has never once pushed the belief of one set deific dogma on another, he believes that the self is capable of so much if only we have the will to walk the path. He has not only denied the visions of the past, but has seen the embodiment of the goddess Izanami, and chosen to walk alone. No one knows whether it's this change that has made his decision to leave the lands of Nippon, or something deeper that lay in the sands of the west.

A Test of Faith (Time in the Holy Carthian Empire)

The Circle’s lack of unity was too apparent when Malik, accompanied by Lady Cloe, arrived in Las Vegas to settle. The appointed hierophant, Jean-Phillip, was very helpful in showing a level minded outlook of things, but the rest of the Circle seemed bent on their oppression and felt that the acolytes were nothing more than a door mat to the citizens of the Carthians and Sanctified. As the weeks passed Cloe and Malik found themselves, for the most part, alone at the kindred gathering, but all to often something would occur and an opportunity for assistance would be presented by the city, and they would take it. Working alongside the covenants, once again, Malik quickly realized that the Circle lacked respect due to its low ambitions within the city, and one only needed to present themselves as useful and the city would be more than happy acknowledge you.

In the coming nights the city called for election of its covenant’s governing body, and Malik decided it was than that he would seize his destiny within the city. Majority vote and full support from the hierophant places Malik as the Circle of the Crones City Council Representative. There are those weary of Malik’s aggressive approach toward taking the position, but the acolytes voice has been heard and for a time serves another city. Malik realized than that his destiny is to serve the Circle through leadership and example, and though he didn't seek to be Prince in the city, he felt that his experience as one, would have serve them politically in nights that were to come. He was mistaken...

Isolated and Alone (The Hierophant of Kern County)

Malik left Las Vegas a broken shadow, nothing he could do halted the coming onslaught of the combined might of the Carthian Sanctified zealots. Many Crone were killed or fled the city, leaving just him and the Heirophant to maintain the strength of the covenant.

It was in this place, Malik for the first time thought of himself. He left for the north and was accompanied by the Invictus Evelyn Hawke and old ally Dragon Vincent Brunstead as they settled in Kern County. Much distress had befallen the area, but it wasn't too long before order was restored by the three with the help of local, Daniel Evans.

Malik took this time of peace to reflect upon himself. The Heirophant was alone for the first time.

The Shadows Talk (Rumors)

  • Malik is haunted by the ghosts of the past who forever seek him for their release.
  • Archbiship Rygellion is actually Malik's broodmate and they have no problem sharing heresies.
  • Malik is the leader of the Western Cell of Elite Japanese Assassin's only known as the "Eternal Night"
  • Cloe Griffith has Malik fully blood bounded to her, but in weakness she allowed him to bond her as well.
  • Malik loosely follows the Path Material, believing in the denial of gods and exalting of self almost exclusively.
  • Malik is responsable for the peaceful alliance the sorcerors, werewolves and vampires have within the Ryukyu Kingdom.
  • Malik has been seen on the field of battle with all sorts of spiritual anomaly, everyhting from ancient warriors to shadowy hounds.
  • Okinawan Ordo joke that he has mastered the "Coils of Abdul" which prevent him from degenerating in humanity from his acts of violence.
  • Has slain over a hundred individuals in the defense of the masquerade and has been deemed the "Terror of Nakagusuku" or the "Nakagusuku Shadow"

Player and Storyteller Contact Information

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